Consulting & Supporting Innovation

RaumZeit – Reach scientists and developers and support them in EU-projects, project management and technology innovations

You are

  • consultant on national or European innovation projects?
  • consultant on funding of research and development?
  • employee in a project execution organisation or national contact point for EU funding?
  • a network coordinator?
  • working with scientists and developers and their ideas?

Then you are probably familiar with the feeling

  • that it’s all Greek to you?
  • to have lost the orientation in all the scientific and technical details?
  • to have to squeeze too much information in too small a space?
  • to court resentments with respect to administrative requirements?
  • to moderate challenging groups?

I am looking forward to supporting you with trainings or coaching in reaching your clients in their own world and take them along through the challenges of research projects. For this I will give you insight in methods and processes which are the basis for my success as a coach, trainer and consultant.
With this you will

  • find easily access to the scientific topics of your clients;
  • Consulting & Supporting Innovationbe able to support your clients in developing their ideas by exposing larger context and major aspects of their projects;
  • gain acceptance by translating administrative requirements into suitable processes for projects and attaching these to your personality;
  • guide group processes, so that working together will become successful; and
  • push your communication skills, so that you will be able to reach your target group also in even more complex situations.

Give me a call or contact me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your needs.