2014 à la Carte – a Workshop for a Successful Year 2014

RC Rhein Main of the BDVTOn 2nd December 2013 we had our final event in the RC Rhein-Main of the BDVT. Instead of reviewing the year 2013 we dared to have a look into the future: Imagine we are at the end of 2014 and what we wanted to do in 2014 has been successfully concluded. How would we recognize this?

Our speaker and moderator Bruno Schmalen, head of the BDVT  section Controlling Success showed us how controlling success in training and education relates to our own definition of success. It was exciting to see, which hard and soft success criteria each participant has for the new year. Besides the topic, our guests appreciated very much the positive, open and enjoyable atmosphere. With a diner à la carte we also enjoyed a fruitful networking.


World-Café on Barriers, Opportunities and Success Factors of EU-Projects

Dr. Sabine Preusse moderated a World-Café on EU-Projects during the event „Horizont 2020 – EU-Förderung für Forschungs- und Innovationsprojekte im Bereich Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien“ on 21st November 2013 in the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt. World Cafe EU-ProjectsThe participants investigated barriers, opportunities and success factors with respect to various aspects which are important for the successful participation in such a project. Lively discussions appeared at and next to the tables, which added the participants‘ perspective to the detailed information of the presentations. With the results, the participants will be able to ask themselves: Is an EU-project interesting for me? What would it need to be successful for me?

Expert for Controlling Success

How do I control the success of a training, consultancy service or a research project? How can I justify the investment if I can not assess the results in hard facts and figures? These are important questions which determin the success and sustainability of my work. This is why I have participated in the Er:Kon training for managers of the BDVT regional clubs and am now expert for controlling success in training, consulting and coaching.

I am going on a trip and I am taking with me – but who will pay for the journey?

Packing my suitcaseOn 8th October 2013 Dr. Sabine Preusse visited together with Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig the RC Rhein Main of the BDVT. They took their guests literally behind the Horizon and showed what trainers pack in their suitcase when travelling with public funding. Finally, they gave an overview on the entire process from the idea to the submission of the proposal.