Your bridge between science & industry

I have lived many supposed contradictions during my career and have gained my experiences with them:

  • Researcher – Entrepreneur
  • Basic research – applied research – product development
  • Presentation of scientific results – marketing and sales
  • Spending money – managing cash flows
  • Employee – CEO
  • Publishing – Keeping confidential
  • Universal solutions – dedicated results
  • Freedom in planning and processes – project management
  • Communication with experts – communication with salespersons and customers

While working successfully with employees and CEOs, PhDs, Postdocs and professors, small and medium sized enterprises, universities and research institutes, I have realised: The supposed contradictions are placeholders for values and styles, which complement and balance each other. There is not the one without the other.

  • A scientist becomes an entrepreneuer, when securing the financing of his own work and of his research group.
  • The products of basic research are the research results. Publishing and disseminating them in the community is the equivalent to selling a product for a company.
  • The presentation of scientific results equals the marketing and selling of one’s own competencies.
  • Managing the cash-flow enables to spend money effectively.
  • Sometimes it is useful to publish results and ideas. However, often they are kept confidential until a competitive advantage has been secured.
  • Generic solutions are tested, validated and demonstrated in special application scenarios.

Dr. Sabine PreusseWith this flexible way of thinking I bridging the particular interests of all the different partners in a project. I wish to show you how to do it, e.g. in one of my seminars on project management, and intercultural trainings.