Interdisciplinary, intercultural, crossing organisational boundaries

Research and development links people from different organisations with different professional and technical backgrounds, scientists and employees in companies, technicians and CEOs, different nationalities, mother tongues, curriculum vitae and interests. This diversity results in several styles in communication, management, researching, ways of working and learning, and skills in the lingua franca.


It is very important for a successful project to make this diversity a common and precious value shared by all project partners. To gain this vaule is a process starting at the first contact and developing with the project and the project partners.


Dr. Sabine PreusseI provide

  • insight into various disciplines, fields of research and tasks;
  • intercultural competence from many years of working together with many nationalities;
  • organisational knowledge from working together with people form different institutions and companies.


I will always approach your project and its challenges with a solution-oriented attitude. This is why I also offer intercultural trainings and seminars on project management which take into account the different perspectives, interests and needs of a project team with partners from science, research and industry.