Technology & Product Development

RaumZeit – Developing ideas in EU projects and realising products with European funding

You wish to

  • push your ideas with respect to technological innovations, products, product features and processes?
  • improve the communication between research and development, sales, CEO and other departments in your company?
  • include research and development in your company strategy?
  • acquire national or European funding for research and development?
  • plan or initiate EU-projects in Horizon 2020?
  • deepen your cooperations with universities and research organisations?
  • improve your project management of national and international cooperations in research and development?
  • build up competencies in coordinating national and international cooperations?
  • or you have another issue with respect to technological innovations?

You will find tailor-made solutions with my coaching, consulting, workshops and trainings:

  • From my own work experience I am familiar with the value chain of an idea from basic research to a new product, and the change of paradigm from scientific universality to concise solutions for a customer.
  • Driving Research & DevelopmentFrom my experience as project manager of EU-projects, I know how to take into account the different needs of project management, and to bridge a running project to administrative requirements defined by the funding body.
  • Being a dedicated trainer, I love to find the right way of giving you insight into my ways of thinking, methods and solution approaches, so that you can develop your own authentic style as a coordinator.

You would like to learn more about how you could profit from this? Give me a call or contact me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your needs.