Strategic positioning of research and development

Positioning your research and development activities strategically:
the stepping stone for successful technological innovations

You want to

  • set up your research and development activities in a new way?
  • embed your research projects into your business strategy, so that the results can be directly used in products and services?
  • plan projects and open up new ways of financing from national and European funding programmes?
  • initiate national and international cooperations in order to extend your know-how and to receive access to new technologies and competences?

Strategic Positioning of Research & DevelopmentAs a starting point, I offer you a workshop in which we take stock of your ideas and future products. We will then work out the basis for the following steps. For this we will

  • analyse your ideas, technologies, business objectives and target markets;
  • define evaluation and decision criteria;
  • develop different strategies for efficiently applying for funding;
  • take into account challenges resulting from cooperation with other companies, universities or research organisations;
  • analyse the preconditions and requirements for a targeted management of your Intellectual Property;
  • develop a roadmap for your technology innovations; and
  • join the different perspectives of research and development, sales, CEO and your customers.

As a result you will have the decision basis for your innovation activities and the application for national or EU funding. You will highlight the relevance of your developments from the perspective of your customers and detect possible stumbling blocks with respect to your Intellectual Property.

You would like to find out how this workshop could be implemented for you? Give me a call or contact me right away.