Establishing cooperation

Pathways to a constructive collaboration

You are

  • planning a new project and wish to collaborate with other enterprises, universities and research organisations?
  • looking for solutions in existing cooperations?
  • wishing to initiate an effective collaboration within your project team?


I will consult you on the setting up of your next partner meeting, take over the moderation, or I coach you with respect to the group processes in your collaboration.

Taking into account the cultural diversity in your cooperation, I will build a bridge between scientists and companies.

You also have the possibility to further develop your competencies in the training “Intercultural communication in international projects and cooperations”, and to exchange experiences with other participants.

By building on trust and mutual acceptance of the individual interests, you will be able to achieve a constructive collaboration in your cooperations and projects. With cooperative communication and a solution oriented conflict management you will build up the basis for



  • a fruitful collaboration now and in the future, and
  • relevant results, which you can use in your products and processes.

Are you interested? Give me a call or contact me right away to get an appointment for a preliminary discussion of what you really need.