Managing & coordinating projects

Successfully coordinating EU-projects –
intercultural trainings and coaching from administration to conflict management


  • have a publicly funded research and development project and are facing great efforts in administration and financial management?
  • are coordinating an EU-project for the first time and are in need of know-how and methods for stimulating a successful collaboration?
  • I will
  • accompany you as a coach with experiences, methods and processes, which help you in your international and intercultural every-day project life.
  • take over your project management as a freelancer or project partner.
  • offer dedicated seminars on project management and intercultural trainings on different topics related to international cooperations and EU-projects.

The following intercultural trainings and project management seminars are in preparation:

  • Conflict management in EU-projects
  • Coordination European research and development projects – a hero’s journey
  • Intercultural financial and administrative project management in EU-projects.

Managing & Coordinating ProjectsThe trainings consider the diversity of an international consortium from science, research and industry. The design is based on my own experience as project manager of European research projects, especially in administrative and financial project management, management of Intellectual Property, knowledge management and dissemination. Together we will develop processes, which fit to your project and to your project partners and thus we will lay the foundation for a successful completion of the project. By means of actual problems you will build up your competencies in project management and coordination. This is especially helpful if you are starting to coordinate your own projects.

Are you interested? Give me a call or contact me right away to get an appointment for a preliminary discussion of what you really need.