From basic research to a product

Starting with my graduate studies I have

  • further developed a technology in applied research and transferred it to Vietnam;
  • developed a model in basic research;
  • as a project manager driven very different projects from basic ideas to an industrial demonstrator;
  • realised an idea into various products as an entrepreneur;
  • strategically set up my own company as the chief executive officer
  • sold my own products and services, by which I have achieved insight into many fields of research from psychology to astrophysics and from evolutionary biology to the Factory 4.0.

Dr. Sabine PreusseEach of these areas requires different personalities and competencies while having different needs with respect to processes, methods and perspectives. A collaboration will be successful if something new is born from the different ways of thinking and looking at things. I support this process by bringing together the individual and particular interests, so that each project partner can successfully work in his own field.

The resulting frame is also the basis for a successful communication along the chain of value from an idea to a result or product.

You will find these aspects in my soft-skills-seminars “Research meets Personality“, as well as in my intercultural trainings and seminars on project management.