Grant proposal writing

Grant Proposal WritingWith a critical partner to a successful grant proposal

You are preparing a grant proposal and you are looking for

  • a recipe since you have not done it before?
  • a partner in developing and writing your proposal?
  • feedback and support when formulating the text?

I offer you

  • trainings on grant proposal writing and
  • individual services around your grant proposal, be it a final correction, or the coordination of the application phase, or the writing of some parts of the proposal.

With this you will benefit from

  • expert knowledge presented in simple, effective and methods proven in practice, which you will be able to use yourself later on;
  • targeted questions from someone who is used to plan and review scientific projects,
  • an outsider looking critical at your topic – if I understand it, your reviewer will understand it as well; and
  • communicating your idea convincingly in terms of benefit and impact.

Thus you will be able

  • to concentrate on the technical details;
  • to think your ideas through in detail and to structure them;
  • to profit from long-lasting experience in grant proposal writing and EU-funding.

The quality of your grant proposal will increase and by formulating for the reviewer you will increase your chances.

Give me a call or contact me to find out how you can profit.