Managing research projects

Professional project management – so you can concentrate on your research activities


  • have a research project and are in need of support?
  • are doing your PhD and got lost somewhere?

I accompany you

  • as a coach so that you can develop your own solutions in our personal meetings,
  • as a consultant looking for solutions for your problems;
  • as a project manager or coordinator;
  • as a trainer and introduce you to methods and processes dedicated to successfully completing your project. Topics for trainings may cover project management, intercultural cooperation, management of intellectual property, conflict management, intercultural communication and the “PhD-Odyssey”.

From the PhD-Odyssey to Project ManagementI flexibly adopt my approach on project management to the different needs from basic research to cooperative projects with industry. You will see this in the choice of methods and processes, which are specifically fitted to your project. By this you will also profit from experiences from other fields of research.

Furthermore, I will show you how to use the tangible and intangible result of your project to push your career.

You would like to know how this could work for you? Give me a call or contact me to find out how you can profit.