Developing ideas & planning projects

Defining objectives and turning them into a project plan

Developing Ideas & Planning ProjectsYou have

  • an idea for a research project and would like to plan the project in detail?
  • an idea for a grant proposal and would like to detail it?
  • many ideas and would like to find out on which one you should focus?
  • no clear idea how to proceed with your career?

In several personal meetings I will accompany you as an innovation coach and consultant. For this we will differentiate explicitly between three phases:

  • The creative process of dreaming your technical ideas and personal objectives;
  • The planning of the project while taking into account your personal interests and boundary conditions provided by the national or EU funding programme;
  • The reviewing of your plan with respect to feasibility while formulating constructive criticism.

Thus you will

  • have the freedom to first think your ideas through, and only then evaluate the plan for implementation;
  • plan a project, which fits you, your ambitions and limiting conditions;
  • collect arguments to persuade stakeholders and formulate a winning grant proposal.

As a result, you will be able to

  • position yourself in your field of research with interesting and demanding projects;
  • successfully communicate your ideas to particular target groups;
  • to visualise your own success.

I am happy to explain the details for your challenge in a first meeting, which is free of charge. Give me a call or contact me to make an appointment.