Soft-skills-seminars „Research meets Personality“

Competences for a career in science and research

You are looking for soft-skills-seminars for PhD-students and postdocs?

Excellence in research is based on outstanding ideas, critical thinking, in-depth knowledge and expertise in scientific methods. However, a career as a scientist needs to be financed by third-party funds or by a position in a research organisation. Thus, you turn into an “entrepreneur of your own research activities” which interlinks you strongly with external stakeholders. By publishing, you market research results; in discussions with the scientific community you position yourself within your peer group; and by effective communication you will fund yourself and your team.

Trainings Research meets PersonalityHowever, for your success in science and research it is critical that you can use your skills effectively. You listen and interpret, you review the state-of-the-art and place your research results within this context. You are creative and develop approaches for problem solving. By abstracting, you reduce the complexity of your research topic and point out interrelations. Moreover, the ability to abstract is the basis for communicating complex matters simple enough for different target groups.

My trainings “Research meets Personality“ target these skills in the context of different themes, which are important during the PhD and the first PostDoc position. For any training, the common starting point is your own research project. Thus, you will use the time outside of your lab and workplace to look at your research activities from a different perspective. This results in a new perception of your current research issues. By understanding the underlying process and how it can be transferred to a new challenge or a different context, you will push your research full of renewed energy.

All soft skill seminars are based on my own experiences as PhD-student, as PhD representative of an International Max Planck Research School and as a trainer, coach and consultant for young researchers. These experiences guide the selection of themes and methods, which I use according to state-of-the-art didactical approaches thanks to my professional background as a BDVT certified trainer and consultant.

For successful learning, transferring the training contents into every day life is a crucial aspect. Therefore I include different approaches, which will offer you the possibility to answer new questions or to implement your insights into new projects.

I offer my trainings in German and English and work with groups of 10 to 50 participants using different methods. My handouts come along in the shape of a handbook, so that they are helpful later on. In addition you will receive a photo protocol.

You have your own idea about training topic and contents? If I have the competence for it, I will be happy to design your own individual training.

Give me a call or contact me. I am happy to find out what you are looking for.