Welcome in your RaumZeit for third party funding, EU-projects and technological innovations!

Dr. Sabine PreusseYou are looking for solutions for your challenges

  • in science, research and development?
  • with respect to your research proposal?
  • in the acquisition of third party funding?
  • in EU-projects?
  • in driving your technological innovations to new frontiers?

I offer you individual solutions for your issues from basic research to product innovations, from the idea to the exploitation of the results of a research and development project. Approaches could be

  • the development of a strategy for your innovation projects;
  • intercultural training for cooperation of research and industry;
  • moderation of workshops;
  • seminars on project management;
  • soft-skills-seminars;
  • writing your research proposal; and
  • coordinating your EU-project.

I combine scientific understanding and a deep insight into various scientific and technological areas with entrepreneurship, the competence of a professional trainer and consultant, and the practical experience in marketing and sales. This enables me to

  • quickly understand your challenge to offer you impulses with which you can plan and drive your project;
  • endow you with processes and methods, with which you can successfully realise your ideas and
  • to establish a new communication between you and different target groups such as reviewers, executives, funding agencies, sales and customers, so that you receive those competences and financial resources which you need for realising your project.

By providing both technological and personal development at the same time, it is my objective

  • to support you in solving your challenges on the short run; and
  • to strengthen your competences in such a way, that you will be even more successful in the long run.

Have a look around or contact me right away. I am looking forward to getting to know you in person.

Dr. Sabine Preusse