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The successful acquisition of third-party funds and the implementation of research and innovation projects is important for a career in research and the establishment and expansion of an own research group. Therefore, I support you in coaching and training to define smart project goals from your research and innovation ideas and to work out your work plan in detail. To enable you to present your project in a comprehensible and convincing way, we develop suitable structures for targeted communication, learn from other disciplines, and substantiate your budget calculation. Furthermore, in our cooperation you will develop a comprehensive set of methods for efficiently dealing with administrative requirements, solving scientific and technical challenges and developing relevant research results. As a sparring partner for structure, scientific details and successful project implementation, I contribute with curiosity, appreciation and creativity across topics, disciplines and disciplines. My unique ability to structure your project details in easy to understand structures and to transfer insights from application area to application area and discipline to discipline gives you the freedom to concentrate on your research details.

Grant proposal writing

A career in research and science and the implementation of risky innovations depend on the successful acquisition of funding. As a coach and trainer I accompany you on the way from the idea to the application ready for submission in national and European funding programmes.

At your side

Do you need orientation, decisions and impulses in order to make further progress with your research work? Are you faced with the decision between academia and industry? Would you like to exploit your research results and perhaps set up a company? Are you stuck between applications and research work and want to make progress again? As a sparring partner and coach, I support you in gaining clarity, developing business plans and getting them implemented.

Implement projects

The project management of research and innovation projects is complex and challenging. For requirements of funding institutions, methods, questions and individual solutions, I am at your side as coach and project partner.
Implement projects
Grant proposal writing

After a free initial consultation, I will be happy to explain to you exactly what my consultation can look like in your case. Please call me or contact me right here  to arrange an appointment.

Your Dr. Sabine Preusse

Interdisciplinary, intercultural and cross-organizational

Science, research and development connects people – employees and managers from different organisations, scientists and staff in public institutions and universities, employees and managers in private companies, people with different professional and technical backgrounds, with different nationalities, mother tongues, CVs and interests. This results in an enormous variety of different styles in communication, leadership, research, work and learning, as well as in language competence in the lingua franca of science. For a successful project it is important that out of this diversity something common for the team and the project partners is created. This is a process that starts with the first contact and develops continuously over time.


I always approach your project and its challenges with a solution-oriented approach. In this way I am able to take into account the different perspectives, interests and needs of a project team with partners from universities, science, research and industry.

Businesstraining & Coach BDVT

As a „BDVT certified business trainer and consultant“ as well as a „BDVT certified business coach“, I build my work on a sound didactic and methodological basis, which I continue to deepen and expand through numerous further training courses. Thus you will receive face-to-face training without Power Point, which integrates the interests of the participants. This also allows me to work with groups that come from different departments and disciplines and at the same time advance their own research projects. My webinars are based on a varied mix of methods of presentation, interaction and group work. I also design the individual work with you using methods that suit you and your needs.